Athlete Ink Sketches

August 17, 2011

athlete ink art

quick ink athlete drawingA couple of scanned in pages from my sketchbook with the countdown to London 2012! The Olympic Games are a celebration of human achievement –recognising the potential contained within the human body, pushing to the limit the previous conceptions of what is possible from our species, it is the body in prime physical fitness, at the limit of speed agility and endurance, all making athletes a joy to draw.

I chose ink for its immediacy, to capture the fluidity of motion and concentration, and I found I was there with them, feeling the strain, pain and euphoria and trying to capture this moment on paper.

Tonal Study Drawing

January 22, 2010

Just a update with a quick tonal study from a life drawing class I attended -great practice and I enjoyed working with light and shade instead of my normal focus of line work.