My hipster fox was part of the Inkygoodness Beermat illustration exhibition held at the Coningsby Gallery off Tottenham Court Road in April this year! It was a great exhibition to be part of along with some exiting other illustrators and designers and the kids behind Ammo magazine and sponsored by Sailor Jerry! The show was grand! (take a look at a behind the scenes film of the exhibition here.. and the show was indeed jam packed of inky-goodness! It was great to be able to get back to gouache and paint my fox horn-rimmed glasses and all! …some more shots from the show…Image


…there was also another character that didn’t get his paint finished in time! (and sadly still remains un-finished!) ahh I might just post him as a halloween special!

Inkygoodness Artwork

September 21, 2010

This is my piece for the recent Inkygoodness exhibition in Brick Lane – the theme was ‘Play’ and I was looking at the play of reflection by painting on a mirror and where the central image is constantly changing depending on who is looking into the piece at the time! – a constantly changing piece of art! The painting is gouache with lacquer and gold leaf. Mirror mirror on the wall….

This is my illustration for Ammo Magazine issue 4 to be launched at Inkygoodness this September. The theme for the work was ‘Play’ and what better way to celebrate this theme than two playful balloon bandit birds! – check any public spaces for these bad boys as they are guaranteed to make any passing 5 year old with a balloon bust into floods of tears, the blighters.

Inkygoodness Queen of Hearts

September 14, 2009

Here is a not so brilliant photograph of my Queen of Hearts for the Inkygoodness Wonderland show, currently showing at the Custard Factory in Birmingham till the 26th September. I think I have a secret passion for playing cards as they keep cropping up in my work! I also loved working on this piece as I got to bust out the gold paint -yes GOLD! hell yes!

Here are some of the shots from the opening night of the Inkgoodness exhibition in Bristol (open to the 27th November.) Lots of tasty artwork, people drawing on the collective hope and fears doodling pages on the floor in the centre of the gallery, me being interview for a student group from Bath, and lots more tasty artwork!


The Fliers are out! I’m busy getting ready for the inky goodness hopes and fears exhibition 14th – 27th November in the Centrespace Gallery Bristol-my work will be shown alongside 15 other illustrators so come on down and check it out!