Christmas Owl Illustration

December 19, 2014


Merry Christmas everyone! Here is my illustrated Christmas owl to wish you all happy Christmas and a little bit of a process post! -from sketching out the rough lines, to working up the details and then the final owl in all his Christmas grumpiness! (with just a touch of gold for a bit of festive sparkle!). I drew¬†him up using 2 shades of blue Karisma pencils (which I love as they are lovely for either heavy or light use for shading) and a gold ceramic pen for the gold highlights. -Merry Christmas y’all!x

Illustrated Bird Mug Set

October 23, 2013


Hello to these dove grey and lilac mugs! -again part of the products I illustrated for the Bombay Duck collection, and lovely to see them finally for sale! -each mug is gilded with silver for a little extra decadence! …to update your tea set head over to here …

I was asked to illustrate the front cover of the Don’t Panic media packs based on the theme of Feminism which will be distributed to 80,000 across the country -pick up one free at a selection of bars and shops and distribution points across the UK!