bespoke wedding inviteI was commissioned to illustrate a bespoke wedding invitation for a couple getting married in North West France. They love the Art Nouveau aesthetic and wanted this reflected in the design along with the colour pallet of fresh greens and yellows. It was great to work on a brief that was so special and personal to the couple and to help them set the theme for the wedding!



An amazing weekend in Bristol live painting with UPFEST! the weekend was a blast and we met so many amazing people -cheers to all! A few photos and action shots from the day with Louise Brangwin and myself representing Decked painting in true Art Nouveau style in black and gold! Our boards were based on mythology, Medusa, Leda and the Swan and butterflies and bees representing the afterlife.

This little baby is for the Floreal Fragrances home page! The brief was ‘Fresh with floral and herb elements’ -a great excuse for some swirl line drawing and some Art Nouveau inspired lily drawings!