wallpaper silhouette patternHappy Wednesday! This print is part of a number of pieces I am working on for a collection of wallpaper and fabric pattern illustrations. This pattern is titled Wildlife and Wonderland  one was wonderful to create, back to paired down black n white baby! All the delicate leaf and branch illustrations swirling across the surface provided the perfect hiding place for extra illustrations hidden amongst the branches!

Black ‘n White baby! I was commissioned to design some custom illustrated wedding invitations for a transatlantic couple! (based in London and Cambridge, Massachusetts) I thought it would be a great to design in storybook style illustration whilst mixing the two skylines and adding in a few magical elements that were important to the couple in question. The end result is a truly unique and personalized wedding invitation that the couple really love and also want enlarged and screen printed version to keep for their wall!

Here, Take My Card…

March 26, 2010

illustrated business cardsMy beautiful new business cards landed today! -Magpies all over the country will be jealous, matt black card with silver foil lady luck embossed on the front, and white lettering and a couple of illos on the reverse! -I’m quickly scheduling meetings and appointments left right and centre to drop these babies on the streets -so get in touch to get your mitts on one for your very own!