More Illustrated Tattoo Ink!

September 17, 2012

ImageIt certainly seems to be terribly en vogue as I have another lovely lady going under the needle incorporating some of my illustrations into a tattoo! This time it is is a friend of mine whose fashions will soon be the hot collection! In the photomontage above, the key, diamonds and rose are all originally illustrations from my card, incorporated with her swallow design to create this lovely ink work!

ImageThe original key, diamond and roses inspiring the tattoo ink version!

I was very excited to see the results of a second person going under the needle with one of my illustrations, this time Sail the 7 Seas! -The lovely Jodie contacted me to ask if it would be ok for her to get it done, and of course the answer was ‘why yes of course!’ and she sent me through this gorgeous picture of the end result. I think the tattoo artist has done an excellent job with the line drawing and I think the style really suits her!

The original Sail the 7 Seas illustration!

My Illo gets Inked!

July 1, 2012


This is the results of a custom illustration I created for a tattoo, Rose & Ivy -it is great to see a photograph of the work and wow! I am so proud some brave soul has decided to get my artwork inked forever! -I think the tattoo artist has also done an excellent job of recreating the line. …If you would like to check out the original line drawing commission, take a walk here…. the original tattoo line drawing