Feminism Don’t Panic Photos

September 23, 2009

Some photos from the Don’t Panic website (http://www.dontpaniconline.com/) of people having tons of fun with the illustrated Don’t Panic packs I designed. They were printed really nicely on tactile brown paper, and it also proves if you haven’t got your trusty tug-of-war rope to hand, these handy square envelopes will stand you in good stead!

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately! I have been super busy with my crayons and so internet postings have fallen by the wayside. Just a quick one to mention a feature by Photoshop Creative Magazine on myself, Louise Brangwin, Dan Burrows and EJ Miles (all part of the House of Aces illustration collective) showcasing four pages of our work in their latest edition out now! There is also a free podcast of the interview found on the Photoshop Creative website that includes lots of uhms and arrs from myself! (I think I should stick to crayons and not venture into radio!) oh dear! haha