Blue Tit painted egg

painted illustrated type

Painted chickadee

Happy Easter (a little late!) This is my hand painted blue bird easter egg with hand painted type and polka dots! It was fun to work on a curved surface and get the artwork working round the egg. …The debate is still out though about which came first, the blue bird or the egg!



My hipster fox was part of the Inkygoodness Beermat illustration exhibition held at the Coningsby Gallery off Tottenham Court Road in April this year! It was a great exhibition to be part of along with some exiting other illustrators and designers and the kids behind Ammo magazine and sponsored by Sailor Jerry! The show was grand! (take a look at a behind the scenes film of the exhibition here.. and the show was indeed jam packed of inky-goodness! It was great to be able to get back to gouache and paint my fox horn-rimmed glasses and all! …some more shots from the show…Image


…there was also another character that didn’t get his paint finished in time! (and sadly still remains un-finished!) ahh I might just post him as a halloween special!

Athlete Ink Sketches

August 17, 2011

athlete ink art

quick ink athlete drawingA couple of scanned in pages from my sketchbook with the countdown to London 2012! The Olympic Games are a celebration of human achievement –recognising the potential contained within the human body, pushing to the limit the previous conceptions of what is possible from our species, it is the body in prime physical fitness, at the limit of speed agility and endurance, all making athletes a joy to draw.

I chose ink for its immediacy, to capture the fluidity of motion and concentration, and I found I was there with them, feeling the strain, pain and euphoria and trying to capture this moment on paper.

Painted Queen of Diamonds

September 2, 2010

painted queen of diamonds

hand painted skateboardThis is my work for The Decked Project ( based on my Lady Luck series. It was great to be able to paint a version as well as the screen prints. -The work was created in gouache on wood and was really great to work on, and as far as you can be in love with a painting medium, gouache gets my valentine!- I love the almost china like quality that the finished result produces. The entire set of painted boards that were in the Decked Project can be seen on my Flickr page here…

A process thread on how I created my illustrated Vans Chukka Boot for The Decked Project…

I played around with some sketches, I wanted to create a girl with flowing hair that can sweep round the sides of each shoe. I started with my trusty blue Karisma pencil, and then defined with a B propelling pencil.

Then when I was happy with the design I drew a rough onto the Vans and went over the line with a super fine 0.4 Pilot Liner.

Both the shoes drawn out and toe to toe!

Then I painted the colour work with gouache paint (I love the matt texture it provides) tidied up the line and added a touch of gold leaf! When finished these became part of the Decked Project show at the Coningsby Gallery London on display from 16th to 28th August and are hung in the gallery window!

A shot of all the artist painted Vans in the window before they were hung by the laces. If you can make the show I would recommend it as all the artworks are amazing! (

An amazing weekend in Bristol live painting with UPFEST! the weekend was a blast and we met so many amazing people -cheers to all! A few photos and action shots from the day with Louise Brangwin and myself representing Decked painting in true Art Nouveau style in black and gold! Our boards were based on mythology, Medusa, Leda and the Swan and butterflies and bees representing the afterlife.

Inkygoodness Queen of Hearts

September 14, 2009

Here is a not so brilliant photograph of my Queen of Hearts for the Inkygoodness Wonderland show, currently showing at the Custard Factory in Birmingham till the 26th September. I think I have a secret passion for playing cards as they keep cropping up in my work! I also loved working on this piece as I got to bust out the gold paint -yes GOLD! hell yes!

No updates in a while due to being crazy busy working for a number of shows! The Decked Project at StolenSpace, Inkygoodness at the Custard Factory Birmingham and Becondale House Art Party. It’s been great to get out the gouache, brushes and get back to some serious painting. -This is my artwork for my skateboard for Decked, called The Mermaid, and is a a dip into the underwater world of mermaids, koi carps, 1930s divers and water-roses!

Back to the paint box!

March 2, 2009

Just a quick colour study I’m working on …can’t say too much about it just now, but it’s great to be able to dust off my Gouache and get back to some painting!