designer tote bagsI finally got my mitts on a copy of the excellent Tote Bag Book, a resource of the weird, wonderful, quirky and beautiful artworks that have graced the humble tote bag, written by Jitesh Patel and published by Laurence King. I had my Wits and Dandies series included in the lineup of designer illustrated tote bags alongside the likes of Airside, Catalina Estrada, Jeremyville and eBoy (among many other talented artists) The best bit? unwrap the spine and you get a free tote bag designed by Gemma Correll-Yeses!

Black ‘n White baby! I was commissioned to design some custom illustrated wedding invitations for a transatlantic couple! (based in London and Cambridge, Massachusetts) I thought it would be a great to design in storybook style illustration whilst mixing the two skylines and adding in a few magical elements that were important to the couple in question. The end result is a truly unique and personalized wedding invitation that the couple really love and also want enlarged and screen printed version to keep for their wall!

Just got this through the post today! a copy of the book “Wherever Nina Lies” written by Lynn Weingarten and published by Point with my illustrations running though out the book. It was great to see it in the flesh (as it were!) and many thanks to Lynn for sending me a copy, as it’s only available in the States you can order it here!

Update: 8th June. The above photos are just a selection of the illustrations from the book, I have been asked to also post my drawing of Nina’s mother so here it is!