This was a great chance to get out the paint and industrial strength Sharpie graffiti markers to create this large scale wall art! An intricately drawn peacock says a friendly ‘Hello’ to all visitors to the Design Brighton studios! He is 1.2 m heigh and spans a corner (drawing round which was certainly a challenge to get the ink work right up to the edge!) and took 3 hours to complete. Hello to all!

My Illo gets Inked!

July 1, 2012


This is the results of a custom illustration I created for a tattoo, Rose & Ivy -it is great to see a photograph of the work and wow! I am so proud some brave soul has decided to get my artwork inked forever! -I think the tattoo artist has also done an excellent job of recreating the line. …If you would like to check out the original line drawing commission, take a walk here…. the original tattoo line drawing