I took a visit with one half of the Inkygoodness girls to the always excellent illustration, design and screen printing exhibition Pick Me Up at Somerset House in London. As always the exhibition was packed to the rafters with the interesting, quirky, odd-ball, hilarious, and just down right good pieces of art! I would certainly recommend a visit (and in this lovely weather a walk along the river) the show is on until 1st April.

Here are a couple of stand out pieces of artwork that I particularly enjoyed!

This beautiful collage piece by Kristjana S Williams -certainly appeals to the magpie in me as the background is created with gold leaf. (something I have always loved using in the past with my work as I just love the eye-catching quality if it!) Creating pieces with a modern vintage feel.

Paul X Johnson’s work has a stillness to the illustration that I really like, it is as if he has captured a moment in time or a still from a film, each artwork has a depth of detail paused containing a wealth of information. (I particularly liked this piece with the Blade Runner inspiration.)

This caged humming bird created by Zim & Zou with the creature made entirely out of paper did pull in quite a crowd! -The intricacy and colour use were the elements that stole my heart, with all the pieces being so full of life.

Tom Frost from SOMA created wonderful pieces inspired by vintage screen prints and products from the 1940s/50s and even had a few of his designs made up into wooden pull-a-long toys packaged in bespoke boxes -the perfect gift for the most discerning toddler (or perhaps artistic parents!)

The wonderful gallery Nelly Duff (from Columbia Road) had a room of wonders, I loved their neon sign and the work of Jessica Albarn who creates detailed pencil drawings.

-The drawings are somehow very fluid and expressive and filled with movement. I would love to have one on my wall!

Finally this urban fox relief print wall paper characterises the confidence and cunning shown by London’s growing fox population created by Luke Best. Perhaps one for the wall of the skyscraper dwelling of¬†this fellow!


Here is a close up of the first of my laser cut illustrated keys, hand drawn and based on the front door key of the old house I grew up in as a child and stories such as The Secret Garden, a mysterious key to unlock exciting secrets! These keys were cut in a variety of shades of wood, working with the natural wood grain.