Rose & Ivy Pattern Tattoo

September 30, 2010

I was asked to come up with a Rose and Ivy tattoo concept drawing with bloomin’ roses and swirling ivy, creating an intricate pattern of the two. The tattoo was required to be not too heavy and black so I worked the drawing in shades of blue; These poor fellows get so much work (as most of my prep work get drawn using these shades) this drawing has finally reduced them all to sorry stumps -a sad day for numbers 901, 919 and 1049 -rest in peace, worthy pencils.

Inkygoodness Artwork

September 21, 2010

This is my piece for the recent Inkygoodness exhibition in Brick Lane – the theme was ‘Play’ and I was looking at the play of reflection by painting on a mirror and where the central image is constantly changing depending on who is looking into the piece at the time! – a constantly changing piece of art! The painting is gouache with lacquer and gold leaf. Mirror mirror on the wall….

Painted Queen of Diamonds

September 2, 2010

painted queen of diamonds

hand painted skateboardThis is my work for The Decked Project ( based on my Lady Luck series. It was great to be able to paint a version as well as the screen prints. -The work was created in gouache on wood and was really great to work on, and as far as you can be in love with a painting medium, gouache gets my valentine!- I love the almost china like quality that the finished result produces. The entire set of painted boards that were in the Decked Project can be seen on my Flickr page here…