A process thread on how I created my illustrated Vans Chukka Boot for The Decked Project…

I played around with some sketches, I wanted to create a girl with flowing hair that can sweep round the sides of each shoe. I started with my trusty blue Karisma pencil, and then defined with a B propelling pencil.

Then when I was happy with the design I drew a rough onto the Vans and went over the line with a super fine 0.4 Pilot Liner.

Both the shoes drawn out and toe to toe!

Then I painted the colour work with gouache paint (I love the matt texture it provides) tidied up the line and added a touch of gold leaf! When finished these became part of the Decked Project show at the Coningsby Gallery London on display from 16th to 28th August and are hung in the gallery window!

A shot of all the artist painted Vans in the window before they were hung by the laces. If you can make the show I would recommend it as all the artworks are amazing! (http://thedeckedproject.blogspot.com/)