drawing from sculptureI spent some time in the National Portrait Gallery drawing in the sculpture hall -I love to draw from marble as there is something so dramatic about the shadows. For a challenge I thought I would try one in reverse and draw only the highlighted areas to build up the face. Thank you Sir Walter Joseph Sendall for being important enough to be sculpted, and for having such an amazing moustache and eyebrow combination.

An amazing weekend in Bristol live painting with UPFEST! the weekend was a blast and we met so many amazing people -cheers to all! A few photos and action shots from the day with Louise Brangwin and myself representing Decked painting in true Art Nouveau style in black and gold! Our boards were based on mythology, Medusa, Leda and the Swan and butterflies and bees representing the afterlife.

I will be taking part in this years Upfest live illustration festival doing a monster 7 hour drawing session this weekend with The Decked Project gang! The crews involved are: ♥ BOYS WHO DRAW ♥ http://www.boyswhodraw.com/ ♥ GIRLS WHO DRAW ♥ http://www.menageriebook.blogspot.com/♥ INKYGOODNESS ♥ http://www.inkygoodness.com/♥ DECKED ♥ http://thedeckedproject.blogspot.com/♥ DRAWN RECORDINGS ♥ http://www.drawnrecordings.com/♥ URBAN ILLUSTRATORS ♥ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=139798408543♥ HOT SOUP ♥ http://www.hotsouphouse.blogspot.com/So come on down to the Tobacco Factory this Saturday and see some Sharpies drawing action!