A couple of sculpture drawings from Friday’s late night opening of the always wonderful National Portrait Gallery in London. In blue is Ambrose McEvoy who had such a melancholy, long face that blue Karisma had to be the pencil of choice! Next in the pink is William Ernest Henley, looking incredibly ernest and sporting the most excellent Victorian beard and mustachios combo. Finally in the red corner is Mr Robert Louis Stevenson -not normally a face I would pick out to draw for some reason, but I had to go back after reading his caption ‘The original bust was modeled by Allen Hutchinson when by chance he came across Stevenson staying in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu. Stevenson recorded sitting for the bust in a letter to Sidney ColvinĀ of 23 October 1893: “I am being busted by a party named Hutchinson. Seems good.”‘ -First rate use of language! (…also included on this page, a snake head with also apparent good language use.)

Black ‘n White baby! I was commissioned to design some custom illustrated wedding invitations for a transatlantic couple! (based in London and Cambridge, Massachusetts) I thought it would be a great to design in storybook style illustration whilst mixing the two skylines and adding in a few magical elements that were important to the couple in question. The end result is a truly unique and personalized wedding invitation that the couple really love and also want enlarged and screen printed version to keep for their wall!