Illustration Process Thread!

October 22, 2009

I’ve had a few mails lately from folks asking how I create some of my line work, so with this in mind I though I’d take a few pics whilst working though from start to finish with “Our Lady Luck” line drawing, so get some tea and biscuits, sit back and enjoy the journey!

ONE: Quick thumbnail sketch of a possible idea for an illustration …grab a crayon and get sketching quick! don’t let that idea escape! catch him by his heels and get it all down. -It only needs to be rough at this stage, just to give a flavour of what the end piece could be, don’t worry about making it look good at this stage as it’s easy to get caught up in the details and loose the drawing.

TWO: A cleaned up version of the thumbnail, drawn on a nice big clean piece of paper (without my to do list on the side!) Working on getting the layout, proportion and details right. I like to draw in ‘Karisma Sky Blue” pencil when I’m roughing things out -I’m not sure why exactly, maybe it all comes down to drawing lots of ‘blueprint’ plans as a kid for top secret lairs.

THREE: I always trace off my drawing when I am happy with them, partly because I like the crispness of pencil lead on tracing paper, but also because my desktop scanner is an old fellow and he seems to pick up better detail when the drawings are on transparencies, so I like to appease him where I can!

FOUR: I take the file into Photoshop, clean up an smudges that sneaked in and then print the image off onto overhead projector transparency, then project in a nice big scale onto the chosen wall and draw! I used a Molotow bullet tipped pen for the line work until that ran out and had to switch to Posca Medium Line.

FIVE: Finished!! Our Lady Luck line drawing illustration done and dusted on the wall, VoilĂ !

This is actually an ongoing project and will be a full colour print as time goes by, but I had some empty wall space that needed some artwork and it was also a great opportunity to answer a few questions! I hope you found it useful!